Cambodia Travel Update: Mandatory e-Arrival Card for All Travellers Starting July 1

From July 1, travelers to Cambodia need to submit an E-Arrival Card online at least seven days before their trip. This digital form, known as the Cambodia e-Arrival (CeA), replaces multiple paper forms, making the entry process smoother and more efficient.

Travellers planning a visit to Cambodia will need to complete an additional step before their trip. As of July 1, all visitors must submit an e-Arrival Card at least seven days before entry. This new digital requirement is set to enhance the travel experience by streamlining the entry process and consolidating multiple forms into a single online submission.

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What is the e-Arrival Card?

The e-Arrival Card, or Cambodia e-Arrival (CeA), is a digital entry form replacing traditional paper-based documents required for immigration, health, and customs declarations. Introduced to modernize and simplify the entry process, the CeA must be completed online, ensuring a smoother and more efficient arrival for travellers.

Once submitted, a QR code is generated, which travellers need to present, either in printed form or electronically, to Cambodian immigration officials upon arrival.

Why the Change?

The implementation of the CeA aims to reduce the paperwork burden and waiting times at Cambodian airports. This new system follows Cambodia’s peak tourist season and coincides with significant national events like the Water Festival, Angkor Marathon, and Kep Sea Festival, where a higher volume of international tourists is expected.

How to Apply for e-Arrival Card

Two Digital Avenues for Submission: To apply for the E-Arrival Card, travellers can choose between two convenient online channels:

1. Official Government Website: Accessible at Cambodia e-Arrival Portal, this site allows for straightforward online submission of the e-Arrival Card.

2. Cambodia e-Arrival App: Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the app provides a mobile-friendly option for travellers to complete their application.

Both options are free of charge and designed to make the application process as seamless as possible.

Who Needs It

Applicability of the E-Arrival Card: The requirement currently applies to air travellers arriving at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports. Those entering Cambodia via land borders, by sea, or through Sihanoukville airport should continue using the traditional paper forms until further notice. This phased implementation helps ensure a smooth transition for all travellers.

Accelerating the Process

The Role of E-Visas: Reserving an Electronic Visa on Arrival (e-VOA) can further expedite your entry into Cambodia. The e-VOA, available through the same online platform, costs $30 for a tourist visa.

Travellers complete their application and then receive a QR code. They can print or present this code electronically to immigration officials, speeding up the entry process and making it more efficient.

Introduction Timeline

The Cambodian government launched the CeA on January 1, 2024, as part of a pilot program to simplify the entry process for both foreign tourists and Cambodian nationals. The positive reception and efficiency of this system have led to its official adoption as a mandatory requirement for all incoming travellers.

Key Takeaways for Travellers

  • Mandatory Submission: An e-Arrival Card is required for entry starting July 1.
  • Apply Online: Use the official website or app for applications.
  • Air Travelers: Initially required for those landing at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports.
  • In-Airport Options: Tablets are available for last-minute submissions.
  • E-Visa: Consider reserving an e-VOA for faster processing.


As Cambodia continues to modernize its tourism infrastructure, the introduction of the E-Arrival Card represents a significant step forward in enhancing the travel experience. Visitors are encouraged to prepare in advance, ensuring a smooth and efficient entry into this culturally vibrant destination.

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