Philippines Offers Visa-Free Entry for Selected Indian Travellers

Now Philippines Travel is easy for india tourists. The country is expediting e-visa processing and offering visa-free entry for travelers holding valid visas from certain countries.

The Philippines enhances its tourism appeal for Indian travellers with a streamlined visa process. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has initiated expedited e-visa processing and outlined visa-free entry conditions for select Indian tourists, making it easier to visit the Southeast Asian destination.

Visa-Free Entry for Indian Travellers

Indian nationals can now enjoy visa-free entry into the Philippines under specific conditions to promote tourism and cultural exchange. This policy enables eligible Indian tourists to enter the Philippines without a visa for a stay of up to fourteen (14) days. The criteria for visa-free entry include

Eligibility Requirements for Visa-Free Entry

Valid Visas or Residence Permits: Travellers must possess a valid or unexpired visa or permanent residence permit from the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Schengen Area countries, Singapore, or the United Kingdom.

  • Passport Validity: Passports must be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended stay in the Philippines.
  • Return or Onward Ticket: Tourists need to present a return or onward ticket to their next destination.
  • Clean Record: Visitors should have no derogatory record with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration, National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, or Interpol.

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