List of Visa Free Countries For Indian Passport Holders to Travel in 2023

As per Latest Passport Ranking (Henley & Partners) Indian Passport has ranked at 80th place with visa-free access to 57 countries.

Singapore Passport Soars as World’s Most Powerful, Offering Visa-Free Access to 192 Countries

India passport holders have the privilege of traveling to a myriad of countries across the globe, each with its unique set of visa requirements. With a generous count of 57 visa-free travel destinations, citizens of India can embark on exciting journeys hassle-free. This comprehensive guide is your ultimate resource, offering in-depth information on the destinations accessible to India passport holders without the need for a prior visa.

Discover Visa-Free Countries, Visa-on-Arrival, and eTA Destinations

List of Visa Free Countries For Indian Passport Holders

India passport holders can travel without a visa to the following 23 countries:

S. No.CountryVisa Type
1BarbadosVisa Free
2BhutanVisa Free
3British Virgin IslandsVisa Free
4Cook IslandsVisa Free
5DominicaVisa Free
6El SalvadorVisa Free
7FijiVisa Free
8GrenadaVisa Free
9HaitiVisa Free
10JamaicaVisa Free
11KazakhstanVisa Free
12Macao (SAR China)Visa Free
13MauritiusVisa Free
14MicronesiaVisa Free
15MontserratVisa Free
16NepalVisa Free
17NiueVisa Free
18OmanVisa Free
19QatarVisa Free
20SenegalVisa Free
21St. Kitts and NevisVisa Free
22St. Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa Free
23Trinidad and TobagoVisa Free
24TunisiaVisa Free
25VanuatuVisa Free
Visa Free Countries For Indian Passport Holders

List of countries that provide visa on arrival for Indian passport holders

India nationals are eligible for a visa on arrival in the following 33 countries. In most cases, a visa can be obtained at the airport or border crossing point upon arrival. Fees, validity, and allowed duration of stay may vary.

S. No.CountryVisa Type
1BoliviaVisa On Arrival
2BurundiVisa On Arrival
3CambodiaVisa On Arrival
4Cape Verde IslandsVisa On Arrival
5Comoro IslandsVisa On Arrival
6DjiboutiVisa On Arrival
7GabonVisa On Arrival
8Guinea-BissauVisa On Arrival
9IndonesiaVisa On Arrival
10IranVisa On Arrival
11JordanVisa On Arrival
12LaosVisa On Arrival
13MadagascarVisa On Arrival
14MaldivesVisa On Arrival
15Marshall IslandsVisa On Arrival
16MauritaniaVisa On Arrival
17MozambiqueVisa On Arrival
18MyanmarVisa On Arrival
19Palau IslandsVisa On Arrival
20RwandaVisa On Arrival
21SamoaVisa On Arrival
22SeychellesVisa On Arrival
23Sierra LeoneVisa On Arrival
24SomaliaVisa On Arrival
25St. LuciaVisa On Arrival
26TanzaniaVisa On Arrival
27ThailandVisa On Arrival
28Timor-LesteVisa On Arrival
29TogoVisa On Arrival
30TuvaluVisa On Arrival
31ZimbabweVisa On Arrival
visa on arrival for Indian passport holders

Upon arrival at the immigration checkpoint in the destination country, travelers may need to complete the requisite paperwork, provide any necessary documentation, and pay the relevant visa fee. The immigration officer will subsequently issue the visa, granting the visitor authorization to enter and remain in the country for the specified duration and purpose.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Countries for Indian Passport Holders

India passport holders are eligible to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) prior to visiting the following 1 countries. An eTA is a digital travel document required for eligible travelers who are visa-exempt for a specific country, and it can be obtained online prior to travel.

01Sri LankaVisa On Arrival (ETA)Check Requirements
Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Countries for Indian Passport Holders

Many countries with eTA systems have a streamlined and efficient application process, with approval often granted within hours or a few days. It is important to note that eligibility for an eTA varies depending on the traveler’s nationality and the destination country. Travelers are advised to always check the specific entry requirements of the destination country before planning their trip.

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