How to Use DigiYatra for Check-in?

The Government of India recently launched a new service called as DigiYatra App india. As of now Digi Yatra service implemented in three cities like, Delhi, Bengaluru and Varanasi. Thia service aims to entry processes seamless for travellers at the airports. It will enable travellers to move between terminals of airports without tickets. DigiYatra application is available for both Android and IOS users.

DigiYatra is based on facial recognization technology, which is available at airports. This technology allows contactless, seamless processes for travellers at airports.

Key Benefits of the DigiYatra Service

DigiYatra Service Benefits
DigiYatra Service Benefits
  • With the elimination of ID checks at check-in, passengers will be experiencing faster movement to boarding gates.
  • The system will be contactless and paperless, providing hassle-free experience during travel.
  • Passengers will not need to carry ID or boarding pass at every checkpoint.
  • Airport check-in time will be reduced.
  • The app will be tracking the air passenger with the PNR, enhancing security.
  • This will also reduce frauds and only legitimate passengers will be allowed to board the plane.

How do the Enrolment Process on DigiYatra App

Passengers must register their information on DigiYatra Application using Aadhar-based validation and self Image capture in order to use the DigiYatra service. DigiYatra ID will create after completing the enrolment process on the app or at the airport.

DigiYatra App Enrolment Process
DigiYatra App Enrolment Process

Steps to Enrolment Process

  1. Download the DigiYatra App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Tap on the Get Started Button
  3. Enter your Mobile Number
  4. Hit the Register Button
  5. After that Validate your Mobile number by entering the OTP received on the Mobile
  6. Then Tap the “Wallet” option available on the bottom of the screen
  7. Tap on the Identity Credential option
  8. Agree on Terms and Condition Button and hit the OK button. You can also use your Digi Locker for Documents Upload
  9. Once you Uploaded DigiYatra ID will be generated.

How do the Enrolment Process At Airport

The Traveller will be able to quote the Digiyatra ID at the time of the Ticket Booking. After that Airlines will send the passenger’s Information to the Airports. Including DigiYatra ID.

DigiYatra Enrolment Process at Airport
DigiYatra Enrolment Process at Airport
  1. The passengers need to present their ticket or boarding pass at the Entry points.
  2. The Ticket or Boarding pass will be scanned.
  3. The system will verify the passenger’s information and Flight information after scanning the AR code.
  4. The DigiYatra ID will use facial recognization to confirm the identity.
  5. The E-Gate will open after the ticket and Digiyatrahave been successfully ID-verified.
  6. As soon as you enter the Airport your Face ID and Ticket PNR are combined into a single token and that will be used during your Travel.
  7. Passenger will be able to enter the security area and board the aircraft using an e gate that uses facial recognization technology.

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