IndiGo Announces 32 New Connecting Flights Between India and Europe

IndiGo, India’s leading low-cost carrier and largest airline, announced 32 new connecting flights between India and Europe beginning December 7, 2022, as part of its codeshare agreement with Turkish Airlines.

These new flights are in line with the airlines’ goal of improving international connectivity.

According to an announcement made by IndiGo, it will operate in Milan, Manchester, Birmingham, Rome, and Venice. These new routes will provide customers travelling between India and Europe with more options and capacity during the upcoming holiday season.

IndiGo’s New Flights Schedule to Europe

According to IndiGo, these new flights are designed to cater to travellers who are constantly on the lookout for new and affordable flying options to access destinations which help in building businesses and are known for their tourist attractions.

Flight No.OriginDestinationFrequencyEffectiveDepartureArrival
6E 4155MilanIstanbulDailyDec 07, 202207:0511:55
6E 4100IstanbulMilanDailyDec 07, 202212:3513:35
6E 4157MilanIstanbulDailyDec 07, 202214:2519:10
6E 4106IstanbulMilanDailyDec 07, 202220:3021:30
6E 4156MilanIstanbulWed, SatDec 07, 202211:2016:10
6E 4105IstanbulMilanDaily except Tue, SunDec 07, 202217:0518:00
6E 4156MilanIstanbulDaily except Wed, SatDec 07, 202210:4515:35
6E 4121IstanbulManchesterDailyDec 07, 202208:4510:05
6E 4173ManchesterIstanbulDailyDec 07, 202210:5518:00
6E 4122IstanbulManchesterMon, Wed, Fri, SunDec 07, 202211:4513:05
6E 4123IstanbulManchesterMon, Wed, Thu, SunDec 07, 202214:1015:25
6E 4174ManchesterIstanbulMon, Wed, Thu, SunDec 07, 202216:5023:45
6E 4124IstanbulBirminghamDaily except Tue, FriDec 07, 202208:5510:15
6E 4175BirminghamIstanbulDaily except Tue, FriDec 07, 202211:0518:00
6E 4186IstanbulRomeDailyDec 07, 202209:2010:00
6E 4183RomeIstanbulDailyDec 07, 202211:0015:30
6E 4188IstanbulRomeDailyDec 07, 202213:0513:45
6E 4189RomeIstanbulDailyDec 07, 202214:5019:15
6E 4187IstanbulRomeDailyDec 07, 202218:0018:35
6E 4184RomeIstanbulDailyDec 07, 202219:3500:05
6E 4185IstanbulRomeDaily except Tue, ThuDec 07, 202221:2022:00
6E 4182RomeIstanbulDaily except Wed, FriDec 07, 202207:1511:45
6E 4160VeniceIstanbulDailyDec 07, 202209:5514:20
6E 4110IstanbulVeniceDailyDec 07, 202217:2518:00
6E 4109IstanbulVeniceMon, Wed, Fri, SunDec 07, 202213:0513:40
6E 4161VeniceIstanbulMon, Wed, Fri, SunDec 07, 202214:4019:10
6E 4162VeniceIstanbulDailyDec 07, 202219:0023:30
6E 4125IstanbulBirminghamDaily except Wed, SunDec 08, 202214:4015:55
6E 4176BirminghamIstanbulDaily except Wed, SunDec 08, 202216:4523:35
6E 4123IstanbulManchesterTue, Fri, SatDec 09, 202214:3515:55
6E 4174ManchesterIstanbulTue, Fri, SatDec 09, 202216:4523:45
6E 4105IstanbulMilanTue, SunDec 11, 202216:3017:25
IndiGo’s New Flights Schedule to Europe

Customers who wish to plan their travel can book tickets via our official website. The introduction of these flights will further bolster international connectivity.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales, at IndiGo said;

“We are extremely pleased to add more capacity between India and Europe during this holiday season, given the high demand for international travel. These flights will cater to travellers exploring Italy and UK, with one stop connections to Milan, Manchester, Birmingham, Rome, and Venice via Istanbul. These new routes will not only strengthen international connectivity but also enhance affordability for travel to Europe. We will continue to strive to stay true to our promise of affordable fares, on-time performance, courteous and hassle-free service.

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These destinations are well known for their majestic tourist attractions throughout the year. Milan is an alpha global city famous for its art, history, architecture, and football, as well as extraordinary fashion and culinary scenes. It is known worldwide for the majestic Duomo Cathedral, the prominent opera La Scala, the medieval Sforza Castle, the dazzling Vittorio Emanuele II shopping arcade, and Leonardo Da Vinci’s legacy.

Manchester is synonymous with football and is known for its live music scene and sports clubs. Destinations like Heaton Park, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Cathedral, Etihad Stadium, Manchester United Museum & Stadium and Museum of Transport, Greater Manchester, are on the bucket list of every Traveller.

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